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‘Allo ‘Allo

Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

Meet Rene, the most wanted man in occupied France. Women want his body. The Resistance want his brain.
And the Nazis want his sausage.

In a small cafe in Nouvion, France, this harassed proprietor is having a difficult war. With the German Army in residence at the bar, Rene is risking his neck to aid the Resistance by hiding two British airmen and a radio transmitter disguised as a cockatoo. As if this wasn’t enough, Rene has also got involved in hiding a priceless painting in a garlic sausage, which even now is being sniffed out by the Gestapo.

News that the Fuhrer is scheduled to visit the town means that Rene must summon all the wit he can muster to save his cafe and his life. But Rene’s real problem is his wife, Edith, and what she will do to him when she finds out about his affairs with two sexy waitresses!

June 2016       Tickets
Thursday 16 7.45pm £8.00 Adults
Friday 17 7.45pm £7.00 Concessions
Saturday 18 7:45pm

Progress Hall, Admiral Seymour Road, Eltham, London SE9 1SL